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What we do

Areas of support

Free living and food

We provide free accommodation and meals not only for a few days, but even for several months, which provides refugees with the security they need to start a new life. It is a great help for families that with us they have the opportunity to spend this transitional period in separate units and apartments, without having to adapt to other, often foreign, families.

School to Success

As a result of the war, the epidemic and poverty, the children who live in our country struggle with several years behind in their studies. Our special school catch-up program helps them get into a local school as soon as possible. Our 10 teachers educate 51 children every day with exemplary dedication. The program works in partnership with UNICEF.

Documents, jobs and schools

We provide assistance to refugees in obtaining the documents necessary for a long-term stay in Hungary, in finding a job, and we also help them find a suitable educational institution for their children. This makes it easier for them to settle in if they decide to live in the Debrecen area in the future.

Mental health

In addition to fulfilling their physical needs, we want the refugees who are interested in us to find peace of mind as well. In addition to post-traumatic stress, they have to deal with many difficulties in this crisis. A psychologist helps children and adults to live stress-free everyday life even during the uncertain transitional period.

Taking care of the heart



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