What we do

Areas of support

Free living and food

We provide first of all free housing and meals for the refugees. They can stay at Dorcas long term, 1-3 months, even more if needed. They can save up on rent and utility bills and use many of our additional services for free.

Kids' programs

While parents are busy with sorting out their documents, going to the doctor or job interviews, we help little ones have fun in a safe environment where they can learn and process stress. They have sports, games, arts and craft activities led by teachers, psychologists and therapists.

Documents, jobs and schools

We help parents organise their documents for long term stay in Hungary, find jobs in Debrecen and school for their children so they can settle down easier if they choose to live in the area.

Mental health

Apart from their physical needs (housing, food, clothes, toys, cleaning materials, etc) we also think it is important to look after the mental wellbeing of the refugees. So we provide opportunities for everyone to talk to individuals about what they are going through or participate in group sessions where they can be listened to.

Taking care of the heart



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More than a place to stay

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