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How we operate?

From the donations we receive we provide free housing and meals for the refugees long term (1-3 month or more if needed, each family placed separately. So we pay utilities, food, programs and repairs or equipment they need. We also help parents organise their documents, find jobs and place children at schools. In the meantime we organise kids programs, mental and spiritual help for all ages. 

If you are thinking bigger, please contact us about our long term needs regarding upscaling for running costs so we can help more refugees and construction plans for the 30 year old campsite, eg. insulating buildings for use in winter.

If you want to learn more about our operations, budget and financial policies, feel free to contact us! 

Bank account number: IBAN HU35-11993001-02300894

Name of Bank: Erste Bank

Paypal: PayPal.Me/dorcasministries

Pay with credit card: 

Go to: change language to English, set the amount and click DONATE!


Per day

Housing and meal  


Per week

Of five stay with us for a week 

We are currently caring for 190 refugees.