Draw your dreams!


This week, creativity played a major role here at the Refugee Center. Ineke Ruiter visited the refugees again and supported them in their development with the help of art therapy.

The refugee children were really creative when they heard that they had to put their dreams on paper. Art therapy based on the Dutch model was particularly useful for young people. The creation fills us with a feeling of happiness, and it also helps dealing with overcoming anxiety. And for the children, it allows them to recognize themselves as active actors, thanks to which their self-confidence and self-strength increase. 

 Refugee children especially like drawing tasks
Refugee children especially like drawing tasks

One of the tasks during the sessions was to draw what they want to be when we grow up. A manicurist, a hairdresser and a football player were among the works created. There was a young girl whose wish was to have her own car and to become a singer. During the nearly one-week program, not only children, but also adults could get involved in the therapy. Ineke prepared for them a craft session combined with coffee.

Me time for moms

The mothers also really enjoyed this creative occupation, in addition to raising the little ones and everyday tasks, they don't have much time for themselves. During the session, one of the mothers also mentioned that she should still cook and clean at home. During this short time, they were able to talk to the other mothers and relax a bit, as well as learn a lot of new things from each other. During the handicraft activity, the adults practiced knitting and sewing. Almost everyone made something small for their child, but now the goal was to pay attention to themselves and relax a bit.