Forward with full manpower!


Two months has passed since the Dorcas camping site has changed and now it gives accommodation to Ukrainian refugees. We created a safe place where we assist them in not only giving a place to stay but with planning their long-term settling down.

Every beginning is hard, we can state this too at the beginning of the refugee center! The administration works, settlement requests, schooling, they all require great amounts of energy and investigations. Sadly, it's common among the families living here that they have problems with reading and writing and therefore it's up to us, the employees to help the accepted people with administrative tasks.

Refugees from Ukraine are waiting for registration
Refugees from Ukraine are waiting for registration

In Ukraine there is no mandatory schooling therefore a significant amount of the people living in the refugee center are fallen behind.

Let's just think about how terribly difficult and frustrating it can be when outside of our own will we are forced to rebuild our lives and on top of it we have to do this without being able to navigate, read or write.

We were in joy however, that we could see they want to act and make up for the lack of education! The children are taught reading and writing by volunteer teachers, which rose the interest of the adults too! They also want to learn!

We consider this a huge success! They want to fit in, and they also want to learn these basic abilities. In two months, many events happened, foreign volunteers brought interesting activities, a trampoline, and a playground as donation, while the teachers began their lessons for the children.

We are in great need of any type of support, especially now, since on Monday we reached the maximum capacity of the center.

Once more a larger group arrived from Hajdúnánás, and now with these 48 persons we achieved that every lodging has a refugee family. In the morning, while the newly arrived were waiting for registration, they were checking out how their temporary home will look like!

A little girl, Izabella (7 yrs old) was very easy going. She approached me and asked where the playground was because she wanted to play. Her mom didn't allow her to go because it was an unknown area, and she didn't want to let the little girl get out of sight.

Mainly refugees with large families arrived
Mainly refugees with large families arrived

A few days later I met Izabella at the reception. This time she was on her own, I asked her if she could try out the playground and the trampoline. Yes, she said, at that day she could use the slide and the swing with the other kids. She also told me that she made friends with a local girl, Marika in these few days. She didn't complain, she enjoyed staying here, there are many others here from the same age range, so she is not bored.

The recently arrived were placed inside wooden houses, which have bunk beds and don't have a separate bathroom, so the people have to use a shared bathroom. These wooden houses couldn't have been opened before because they have no heating therefore, they could only be used during summer season. It is our joy that we can now open these wooden houses for the refugees, because every place matters.

Right now, we can accommodate 194 refugee requesters, out of which 110 are children. Since there are a large number of minors, we mostly need volunteer helpers, who can occupy the youngest ones, with any activity or just simply playing board games.

Feel like you want to help? Would you want to take part in the life of the refugee center?

Sign up as volunteer and make the everyday of the children living here happier.