How can you help refugees with volunteer work?


Have you ever thought about the fact that you can even contribute to the support of those in trouble with your work? When people want to help a foundation's work, they usually think of money or material donations. However, in many cases, it is not the donations that are needed, but only a little time that you devote to the needy!

Let's talk a little about volunteering! Volunteering is not yet as widespread in Hungary as it is in several other European Union member states. And for such an organization, it is a great support if someone contributes with their work to help those in need. Here at Dorcas Misnistries, we place great emphasis on this kind of assistance. There are several options to choose from, so everyone can find the task that best suits them.

Either by sorting donations or by translating articles and writings about the foundation, you can greatly contribute to the operation of the Refugee Center. However, what is most needed is for someone to spend some time with the children who live here. Classes and various activities take place in the morning, so the children have plenty of free time on weekends and weekday afternoons. The little residents are endlessly curious and open to new things. Anyone who comes here to the Center is easily accepted and opened up to them.

We would now like to present a little more about who needs your personal presence!

The refugee children are happy to participate in the sessions
The refugee children are happy to participate in the sessions

7-year-old Hamza usually plays soccer with the boys, or swings and trampolines on the playground. At school, he is in the lemon yellow class, where the teacher prepares them for school. In class, he likes playing with Legos the most.

Szintia is 9 years old and she is always excited when someone comes here to the Refugee Center. The little girl is extremely friendly. She actively participates in the sessions and in the joint games with great pleasure. In the school group, she is in the blue class, where she is already learning the multiplication table with her other group mates. During the break, she proudly told me that she had already earned five red points in these two weeks.

When she sees me, her first question is always when the next session is. She did the same on Friday morning. She confidently inquired if there would be any community programs or classes that day. I told her that there would be school only on Monday. Disappointed, she said that she would have to sleep for three more days. She then hopefully asked me if I would stay to play with them.

However, the smaller ones are also happy to join in the joint game. Angelika is 6 years old and her favorite is dolls. She doesn't go to school yet, so while the older ones study, she plays with the other little girls.

Creative activities are also a big hit with refugee children
Creative activities are also a big hit with refugee children

The boys unanimously said soccer when I asked them what their favorite pastime was. Brendon added that he thinks drawing and coloring is for girls.

Those who have been here before are volunteers, and the young people who live here will not forget them either. Annus is 18 years old and often asks when Abigail and Noemi from Italy will return to them to give them sessions.

Nearly a hundred children live here in the Refugee Center, so there is a huge need for support so that someone can unite the team and spend their free time together and usefully. The campsite is very well equipped for this. Invite the young people to play soccer together, or practice a dance, or teach the older ones how to play foosball.

Even small things can bring a smile to the faces, even a joint card party or board game means immeasurably a lot to them. In countless cases, it already means a lot to them if someone just talks to them and inquires about them. The point is that they feel cared for!