Know what your role is!


What skills and abilities are the most important for your job?

The director is appointed by the board of trustees, and the operation of the board of trustees is examined by the supervisory board. They are a bit in the background, they don't flow into everyday operations. The board of trustees needs a stable person who can think holistically and take responsibility on his shoulders. They didn't need someone who looks at his watch at half past five to see when he can get off work, but sat down and works until his task is done. A high degree of dedication is required!

What is your greatest experience so far, what is it that you are most proud of?

I could highlight a lot, it is difficult to select the best ones. In addition to helping many needy families with durable food and clothing, the camping and prison missions are where we have been directly present for years.

The most beautiful experiences are when a child arrives at the camp, doesn't even know where he is, his story and self-esteem are bleeding from countless wounds, and then he goes home after 5 days, simply shining because he was able to take with him a lot of positive affirmations, hope, God's love full of self-confidence and self-knowledge. A much more balanced and healthy child will leave the camp, and this is our goal!

During the prison mission, we deal with the convicts of the Debrecen Correctional Institution, and I see this about them as well. They are a simple company from abject poverty but very open and inquisitive. They can appreciate if you pay attention to them, and what they say, in this case, they also feel that we love them. Unfortunately, they rarely experience this kind of attention.

The last time I was proud was when we celebrated Thanksgiving with more than 200 refugees from Ukraine. Then we did something big, as five of the refugees decided to immerse and be baptized. The whole situation touched me so much that I set it as my wallpaper to remind me of this moment every single day.

Despite many restrictions, they were able to meet the Lord God, gain faith, and be baptized. THIS IS WHAT I'M PROUD OF! It is a point in a person's life that he will always remember, it becomes a part of his identity. I remember when we started the renovation of the fence and the water pipeline, we had zero forints for an 80 million project, when the phone rang at night that the food warehouse was soaked, when the ambulance or the police came, I can say that our heads hurt because of a lot of things. But the moment I saw the eyes of those five girls, I realized that all the pain, uncertainty, and stress were WORTH it for this moment!

Is there a person who helped and supported you a lot on your way?

I would mention two, one is my wife, - I can only speak of her in superlatives - as she still supports me wholeheartedly in who I am and what I do.

Secondly, Dirk Jan Groot, the founder of the Dutch organization, helped me professionally. He is 40 years older than me, so I have a completely different generation and way of thinking, and he had a very strong nature: Lead, follow or stand aside! He is the kind of person who, when he comes to a meeting, you already feel it a few minutes before. There was no Dorcas until he created it. And now in the Netherlands, 150 employees help 350,000 people with a budget of 30 million euros. He had great professional knowledge, he participated in the separation of the Hungarian organization from the Dutch material organization. He was here with me for a week every month for 3 years, he was my mentor. I can thank him for turning me from a teacher to a leader.

What are the challenges in your work?

An organization has spheres of activity, resources are required for this, and usually, a year in the life of the foundation does not start without the necessary amount in the bank account. We have 12 months to create this background. This is a huge pressure factor, which is why it is important to stand on several feet in terms of applications and individual donations. An organization either grows or shrinks, there is no stagnation. It's like the life of a plant, so it's a good challenge for me to guide the body into a bed that brings growth.

When do you usually feel like the glass is full?

I haven't experienced anything like it in the last couple of years. I experience it as a huge privilege to be able to work here, but in the first period it was concretely like, IT'S OVER, I'm going to put the lute down and finish it now. Disappointments and the biggest pains were caused by miscommunication. I wanted to surround myself with like-minded people, thinking that it would be easier to solve problems. Well, they gave me the biggest wounds. This discouraged me a lot, especially because according to my values, how we talk to and about each other matters a lot in a Christian workplace.

At the moment, I am very proud that there are good people at Dorcas. I also learned from large companies that they don't necessarily hire the smartest people with a high level of education and experience for a given job, but rather those who have strong personalities. They are fine with themselves and the world, they radiate well and have a stable personality, this guarantees a good atmosphere and even has a good effect on performance.

What do you do outside of work hours?

I love so many parts of my job. To be honest, I look forward to Monday morning on Sunday afternoon. That's why I don't have a special hobby. I like walking, cooking, and playing music, but since we have four children, they require a lot of time and energy, and I would rather spend my free time on them. Playing board games, watching movies, and going on trips together.

What advice do you have for someone who is preparing for a similar career?

It is very important that you study something that interests you. Tie your entire career to your graduation level. Maturity, in my reading, means being independent of your parent's and everyone else's expectations. Have a kind of vision of life, a goal that you must achieve, which is based on your personality and talents. This will steer you nicely on your path.

KNOW WHAT YOUR ROLE IS FOR YOU! What tasks you are good at, and how you can complement a team well? Start capacitating these qualities, and start being useful. Good people who want to put something on the table, are honest, dare to be vulnerable, admit their mistakes, want to develop and learn, and most importantly, are loyal and persistent. These are the values ​​that managers and decision-makers pay attention to. Any organization or company that does not take this into account is missing a huge opportunity.