One day for the kids!


As you already know the refugee center has become full. Most of the residents are children, therefore as children's day (the end of May) was coming we wanted to surprise them with special programs.

In the last months they went trough a lot, they left their beloved home, friends and grandparents in Ukraine. We thought this day could help them to forget about these bad memories and feelings.

We organized these programs on 26th May, which was Holy Thursday, so we remembered Jesus' ascension too.

The fun started at 10 o'clock!

After the opening words of Abel Lukacs Kiss, Lakatos Eva, a resident of the center started to share some thoughts. She and her family arrived at the very beginning, so they have lived here for about 2 months now. She and some children sang worship songs together, what they had been practising before with heart and hand.

The refugees from Ukraine prepared for the big day with songs
The refugees from Ukraine prepared for the big day with songs

The refugees love to sing, but they also enjoyed what was followed the singing.

Riding ponies was the most popular! Children lined up to them until the very afternoon. These children had animals at their homes, so it is always a big hit, when they can meet any kind of animals in the center.

The bouncy castle was also very popular among the little ones!

Kids could conduct their energy in this all day. Thanks to the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid, who offered this opportunity.

The bouncy castle was popular with refugee children
The bouncy castle was popular with refugee children

Lot of the local press presented themselves, and wrote their memories about meeting the refugees,

To make this day happen, we got a lot of support. Thanks Smile Pancakes who donated 400 pancakes and the Association for the Children in Haláp, who made delicious doughnuts, every children could fill their tummy. 

Another local association provided a popcorn machine and a soap bubble machine. They also made it possible for the children to make their own giant bubbles. It required a bit of endurance and manual skill, but the children enjoyed it a lot.

Thanks to LaPure Aromatherapy the community room became a little soap manufacture for the day. Everybody could make a soap in his/her favourite shape and colour. There were plenty of choices of shapes, like Hello Kitty, Lego figure or even dinosaurs. Next to this room colourful temporary glitter tattos were made for both kids and adults.

The afternoon started with a water bomb "fight" with the volunteers of a local company, called Transcosmos. It was very sunny, so getting soaked felt actually very nice, but they did need a change of clothes after it.

Kids were very excited, when the figherfighters arrived with their big vehicle and the police with a real police car. They could sit in these vehicles and learn more about the job of these men.

Gábor was very clever and found a helmet of a firefighter.

It was an eventful day for the residents of the Dorcas Refugee Center
It was an eventful day for the residents of the Dorcas Refugee Center

Is there any children's day without balloons? This was not that one for sure. Peti Clown, a balloon expert arrived at the center and made an animal, heart, or sword to any excited kid or adult who asked for it.

The day ended with a folkdance performance. The professional gipsy dancers were so good, that the audience applauded for so long, that they returned for one more song.

We are extremely grateful for your support! Thanks to our donors, we could organized this unforgettable day for these refugees!