The first Month


At the end of February, we had a new mission because of the war. We would like to help in solving the Refugee crises in the long term. At the begining we could only help with donations for the Refugees from Ukrain, because our accomodations were not safe enough for living. 

Our main goal was to support the Refugees with a safe place to live, so we were working hard to open the Refugge Center as soon as possible.

It seemed a mission impossible, but we received so much help and support, that we could open the Center in March 23.

The Ukrainian refugees arrived by bus
The Ukrainian refugees arrived by bus

We are open for more than a month, so we would like to inform you, what happened in the last few weeks. We have 110 people living in the center now, with 54 children.

We are giving for the refugees free accomodations and free meals three times a day. 

But we also help them with the following services:

  • Helping them find a job
  • Legal advice
  • Religious programs
  • Art therapy
  • Psychological advice
  • Medical attendance
  • Child care
  • Helping in enrollment to schools
  • Teaching English for children
Many refugees crossed the Ukrainian border with their families
Many refugees crossed the Ukrainian border with their families

We also support them with clothes, toys and cleaning supplies. We are very thankful for more cleaning supplies: detergents and body cleansers, because they run out all the time. We are also very thankful for the financial support! It is very important in running the center and to finance the materials for the children programs and the cost of the meals.

We are very thenkful that you were with us from the beginning!

You can also support the Refugee Center!