Psychological assistance, children's programs and experiences in the first 6 months


As we close the first six months and take stock of how much we have overcome, how much has happened and how many people stood behind us in order to quickly and effectively help the refugees, we would like to mention the contribution of the Soroptimist Budapest CORVINUS Club

The organization has pledged 2.8 million forint to help refugee children and mothers. Thank you to President Melinda Jakab and we would like to highlight Mr. József Győri, former director of the Debrecen Reformed College, who personally acted as a link between the organizations! 

Psychological assistance

Thanks to the support, professional psychological support and care for the refugees could begin through regular psychologist visits, group and individual discussions and therapy sessions. This service has helped with post-traumatic stress and emotional exploration and processing for both children and parents.

 Psychological assistance for refugees
Psychological assistance for refugees

Experiences for children, purchase of equipment for our community spaces

We were able to purchase a number of tools (e.g. blackboards, trampolines, balls, pencils, developmental toys, etc.) that not only made our social spaces friendlier, but also provided useful pastimes for the refugee children, which greatly helped them integrate and adapt to the crisis situation for the whole family. Furthermore, many experiences (e.g. horse riding, clown performances, dance hall, etc.) could be created during the support period, which greatly contributed to the refugees coming to us getting to know each other better and forming a community.

 The sandbox is a favourite of the refugee children
The sandbox is a favourite of the refugee children

We are grateful because...

  • Trauma processing for families, women and children could begin professionally, promoting emotional stability and inner peace

  • We were able to provide the children with development, relaxation and unclouded fun

  • We were able to fill our classrooms and community spaces with tools that created a friendly atmosphere and contributed to the development of children

Thank you Soroptimist Budapest CORVINUS Club!