Try the Kiev cake!


Do you already know what the festive dessert will be? Now we'll give you a tip if you haven't found an ideal recipe yet! Gyöngyike, who came from Transcarpathia, has been living in the Refugee Center with her family for more than half a year, but not only as a resident, but also as a co-worker, she is a pillar member of the Dorcas Ministries, who always surprises us with some homemade delicacy.

What kind of Christmas menu do you usually have? Do you have any traditional food?

Mushroom soup is a traditional holiday dish in Ukraine. However, this is not a cream soup as usual. It also has cabbage and meat, a substantial, filling dish that we really like. We usually make this for Christmas Eve. In addition, fried meat and French salad are still on the table every year.

Snowball is also one of the family's favorites
Snowball is also one of the family's favorites

"I always make 4-5 kinds of dessert, we have a sweet tooth, and of course we have a big family, so everyone has different tastes. But there's nothing wrong with that, I really like baking and sweets too."

Is there a custom you do during the holiday season?

In the past, the children went to sing on Christmas Eve. When I was a child, we also went to the neighbors and relatives, it was a big custom in the village when I was young. They invited us in and offered us something everywhere, we often stayed for breakfast. Unfortunately, this custom has passed, now people are cocooning themselves. 

Many of us went to sing together like this, even though this tradition was forbidden. When we went to sing, they watched us, and if a car came we had to hide. Of course, as children we had a lot of fun with it when we had to hide. When I was a child, I was also forbidden to go to church.They tried to prevent us by saying that we had to go to school on Sundays as well, so that we wouldn't go to church.

What dessert would you recommend that is easy to make?

This is one of my favorite cakes because it is easy to make. I have baked the recipe several times and know it by heart. For me, this is considered a quick dessert, it doesn't need a chocolate glaze on top, so it's ready quickly.

Kiev cake recipe:



  • 50 dkg flour
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 1 bag of baking powder
  • 10 dkg of sugar
  • sour cream

Hazelnut mousse:

  • 4 egg whites
  • 24 dkg granulated sugar
  • Roasted hazelnut pieces

Vanilla cream:

  • 1 litre of milk
  • 20 dkg flour
  • 500 g rama margarine


Mix the dough ingredients thoroughly. Use enough of the sour cream to give the dough an easy-to-handle, kneadable consistency. Then divide the resulting dough into three equal parts and roll it out.Beat the 4 egg whites with the granulated sugar into a stiff foam with a food processor. 

Spread the resulting foam evenly on the dough sheets. After that, sprinkle the pre-chopped roasted hazelnut pieces on top of the foam. When we are done with this, bake the foamy, hazelnut dough sheets one by one in a preheated oven at 180 degrees.

While the dough sheets are baking, prepare the filling. The cream must be cooked from milk and flour to make it thick. When the mass has cooled a little, I foam the 500 g of margarine using a mixer. I get cream from it.I spread the vanilla cream on the baked sheet, then put the next sheet on top and layer it. The cream is not spread on top. 

When you're done with this, put the cake back in the oven and bake until golden brown. 

The finished Kiev cake is among the coconut cakes
The finished Kiev cake is among the coconut cakes