We started October with Thanksgiving


How can you look back on the past in a dignified way? With a thanksgiving event! An occasion when the employees of Dorcas and the residents of the Refugee Center do not think about the war or the future, but stop for a while and give thanks for the fact that this center was created and provides security for so many refugees.

Even though the weather was not in our favor, we were able to end this day with many beautiful memories. And the Uszka worship band ensured that this event was filled with a particularly good atmosphere throughout the afternoon.

 This event was also important for the refugee families
This event was also important for the refugee families

The highlight of the occasion was the baptism. Five young girls decided to confess their faith in front of the others this Saturday. Lead pastor Dániel Kriszt led them one by one to the pool, where he immersed the girls and said a prayer for them.

Everyone wanted to see the ceremony. The children also encroached on the pool. But they didn't complain or interfere, they just quietly watched what was happening. And the parents of the girls stood by them the whole time and supported them in their decision. One of the mothers hugged her daughter in tears when she came out of the pool soaking wet.

The priest blessed the refugee girls one by one
The priest blessed the refugee girls one by one

"I'm so happy, I didn't know what to expect, so I was nervous, but I feel like I made the right decision!" - said one of the girls.

After the speech of the director Abel Kiss, a refugee woman, Eva, also spoke voluntarily and gave thanks. She has been living here in the center since March and regularly plays her part in bringing this community together. They learned a little show with the children, which they performed on stage. Parents proudly watched their children from the front row and filmed them.

At the end of the performance, one of the little girls ran up to me and told me that she had stage fright.

 "I was very nervous, I barely ate all day and couldn't sleep at night."

 Aunt Éva and the children were excitedly preparing for this day
Aunt Éva and the children were excitedly preparing for this day

In addition to the presentation, a youth group performed accompanied by Jonatán Jónás. The group of young people prepared for the day with worship songs.

After the thanksgiving, we continued the afternoon with a joint lunch. Nagykonyha and Aunt Éva were responsible for the menu. The refugee woman made stuffed cabbage, dumplings and donuts with her own hands.

"I prepared all night so that I could make fresh food for this day. I made dumplings from 6 kilos of flour so that everyone could have them." - she recalled.

We closed a semester, we remembered all the difficulties and successes from the beginning. We thank you for persistently supporting us with your donations or volunteer work. This is a huge help for us, and it gives us strength to know that you are here by our side! However, the refugee crisis is still ongoing, so we continue our mission in the service of those in trouble by focusing on this.